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Laskey Family Farm

Tri-Scented Holiday Candle

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Our tri-scented holiday candle starts with Fireside that will remind you of cozying up next to a fire. This scents melds notes of smoke and wood into a warm union of clove, amber, sandlewood, and patchouli.

It then blends into Fraser Fir. Whether in your living room at Christmas or brushing past your sleeve on a woodland stroll, the scent of evergreen evokes both freshness and warmth. This candle gives you that woodsy feeling in any room. With a hint of lemon to enhance the freshness, a touch of amber resin to add to the warmth, and a certain herbal earthiness reminiscent of the forest floor, Fraser Fir, lets yo ignite memories of winter holidays or summer camping trips no matter the season. 

Last it will blend into Christmas Hearth. Set a Christmas mood with the strike of a match! This candle can create the cozy atmosphere all by itself. In you hand is a warm mug of spicy mulled wine, a clove-studded orange slice floating on top. You've pulled your chair up to a flickering yuletide fireplace so the woodsy, smoky heat can toast your toes. In the corner, the fragrance of a fresh-cut fir tree mingles with all this to make you Christmas wishes come true.